Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Day #12

14th August

Today I left majorca and wrote postcards on the plane, however I did not post them becuase there were no postboxes. I also went all the way from Cardiff airport to essex in the car which is a new thing and it took about 7 hours. Not very fun. Mum no drive very fast.


Day #11

13 th August

Munchies on monday

I tried 2 new flavors of ice cream. Blue and light brown. The blue was blueberry, which was ok but I have really had better. The light brown was coffee. This was lush. Awesomely, Megaly, Hugely lush. However you cannot get coffee ice cream in this country, well not that I know of.

Day #10

12th August 2007

It got to about 9pm and I still hadn't done an all new thing. I told my mother this and she said "let's go and play minigolf!" this was partly because she had seen people playing this earlier and had wanted a go. However at the time me and my brother really could not be arsed.

So we went to play minigolf and my brother was in the lead but then got fed up so I won.


Day # 9

11th August 2008

We (we being my mother, my brother and I) took a paddle boat out to sea. The boat had a slide on it. I went down the slide and got stuck as the slide was crappy, not because I have a feck arse. But, the slide was waaay to salty and made my eyes sting and tasted yucky, When I was about to climb back on the paddle boat from the sea I got hit on the head with it because Mum was reversing, rather badly. It hurt, quite a lot.

Day # 8

10th August 2007

Erm...Not the best new thing I have ever done. I got alcohol for my younger brother who is 11 years old. He wanted a blue lagoon cocktail because it was blue. I can get served at the bar but he on the other hand cannot. I had never got alcohol for anyone younger than me and I figured why not? He's on holiday and mum wasn't too fussed about it as she didn't think there was too much alcohol in it. However he had never had alcohol before and the glass was rather big so needless to say he got pissed. This is the last time I get alchohol for someone who cannot get served.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Day # 7

9th August 2008

Today I went to a water park and at the gate there was this spanish dude with a yellow snake taking people's photos with the snake, so I did this as my new thing, the snake almost bit me. When I told my father this, he thought me mad as he has a phobia of snakes, however my younger brother joined in and also got his photo taken with the snake. I will find a way to scan the photo in, however it's not very flattering so I won't try very hard.

Day # 6

8th August 2008

Today I tried a sex on the beach cocktail. simply because it was called sex on the beach. It wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Tasted (and looked) like piss, probably coz it was out of a machiene.