Sunday, 5 August 2007

Day # 3

5th August 2007

Today it got to 7 'o clock and I had not done a new thing. Needless to say I was worrying a bit but then as I went to the loo I was hit with an idea. I decided to draw or write on 26 peices on loo roll and hide them in intresting places in the house. Interesting places being: The Brittish Museum Cookbook; in the fridge; in the breadbin; up a tree and under my rather fat black cat. I wanted 26 because 26 is infact the sum of my date of birth. During the time I did this mother dearest was nagging me to sort out what shoes I wished to bring with me on holiday so she was not in the best of moods. Had she found these pieces of loo rolls I would not be here typing, I would be dead. Lukily she didn't except she did see the one stuck on her car through the front door. When she asked me what t was I simply replied "nothing mother" and she totally bought it.

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